Tips for friending

Just wanted to share a few awesome networking tips I learned from my leaders. They really work, because they take the know like trust time frame to a minimum.

1. Use the FB birthday list to find new people to friend. These people will see that you have a common friend, so they won’t be so resistant to you contacting them.

2. Friend 10-20 new people per day. When they accept your request, immediately send them a message simply introducing yourself and complimenting something that stood out to you from their profile. Don’t mention your products or company for a few days, unless they ask and you get into the “what do you do?” conversation.

3. Go through your friends’ posts each day and choose 10 different ones to offer genuine comments on, not just likes and reactions.

4. Go through your friends list occasionally and weed out the inactive or nonresponsive ones. FB only allows us so many friends. You don’t want to waste those spots.

5. For this same reason, limit which people you “friend” who are in your NWM company. You can follow them instead.

6. Make sure you have great content posted on your timeline when you contact these people, content that will draw them to you.

Hope this helps someone build their business this week. 🙂

Happy networking!

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