Zero Based Thinking

Make Better Decisions Using Zero Based Thinking

I learned an amazing thinking technique a few years ago thanks to Brian Tracy.

It’s called Zero Based Thinking.

Most of your decisions in life will be wrong. That’s how life works. We take action, we make mistakes, and we keep moving forward.

The question is, how do we know we’ve made a mistake? Unfortunately we have these things called “emotions” that can cloud our judgements.

You won’t recognize mistakes until much, much later. Even if you do recognize a mistake, emotions can make everything so much more difficult to. That’s why you’re probably amazing at giving advice to your friends, but aren’t that great at making decisions.

That’s where zero based thinking comes in.

It means “Knowing what I do now, would I still make the same decision?”

If the answer’s no, then it’s time to get out asap.

The easiest way to explain this would be by using a few examples.


Many of my friends are at that stage of their relationships.

They’re in their late 20’s, and have been with their girlfriend for 2+ years. On one hand, their significant other is pressuring them for possibly marriage, but they’re not sure if they’re ready to settle down.

If they asked me for advice, I tell them about zero based thinking. “If she wasn’t your girlfriend, would you get into a relationship with her again?”

I’m not encouraging people to end relationships. I’m just telling you to think deeper.


If you’re a boss, then sooner or later you’re going to make a bad hire. No one bats 100%.

How do you know if you should let someone go?

Well imagine if this person wasn’t working for you. Think about how they fit into your company and all the work they’ve done in the past. Would you hire them again?

If the answer’s no, then you should let them go.

It happens. Maybe they were a GREAT employee in the past, but they can’t keep up with the company’s growth. Or maybe they’ve gotten lazy the past few months.

I’ve let go of employees before and it wasn’t easy. To tell you the truth, it doesn’t get easier the more you do it.


The New Year is coming up and I have too much “stuff.” (I blame it on Amazon prime). It’s so hard to be a minimalist when you love gadgets and technology.

It’s hard to throw things out because we spent money on it, or because we have memories associated.

I’m going to ask myself, “Would I buy this again?” Go through your closet and ask this question for each pair of clothing you bought. Whatever you wouldn’t buy again, give it to charity.

You’ll be more organized, cleaner, and the Salvation army will have a bunch of shitty t-shirts that affiliate networks give away at conferences.


A friend of mine developed an iPhone app.

He poured tons of money into it, and spend over half a year developing it. It never took off.

A tremendous job opportunity came in and he had to make the decision, should he keep focusing on the app or take the job?

Deep down he knew it was time to call it quits but he couldn’t do it. He put in too much time into the project – it was his baby. Also how would he feel if he quit?

I taught him zero based thinking. “You pursued the app and gave it your all. If we could go back in time, would you start the app again?”

He said no. He killed the app and took the job offer.

Is he a quitter? Hell no. Sometimes quitting is the best decision you can make. Now he has cash coming in, and is working on another app in his spare time.

You’re not a quitter because you stopped a failing project. You’re a quitter when you stop pursuing your dreams.

Sunk Cost Bias

If you study psychology, you can see that Zero Based Thinking is similar to sunk cost bias.

A sunk cost is a cost that you’ve paid already, and you can’t recover it. You now shouldn’t let the cost affect future decisions.

I was in Vietnam last year and I bought non-refundable tickets / hotels to Bangkok. I was ready to go, but I got sick the night before. I wanted to force myself to go because I already spent $600 on the hotels / tickets. If I didn’t go then I would “waste” my money.

That $600 is gone. I can’t get it back no matter what. I realize that it’s a sunk cost.

Now I had to make the best decision now. I’m sick, should I go to Bangkok? I didn’t go. I didn’t feel like it, and I’d lose way more than $600 if I traveled and made my sickness worse.

This is why some people are such horrible gamblers. They’ll be down some money, and insist to keep playing in order to “get their money back.” The money’s gone.

Using Zero Based Thinking to Improve Your Decisions

Don’t be tied down to decisions you made before. Life changes. You become smarter. You gain more wisdom. And sometimes that wisdom will tell you that you made a mistake.

We can’t change the past, but we can make better decisions for our future.

Life Force 8

The Life Force 8 are the eight basic human instincts hardwired into every person:

  1. Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension
  2. Enjoyment of food and beverages
  3. Freedom from fear, pain, and danger
  4. Sexual companionship
  5. Comfortable living conditions
  6. To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses
  7. Care and protection of loved ones
  8. Social approval

In other words, these are the eight things that people really want…more than anything else. We’re literally biologically programmed to follow these eight desires.

So, how do you apply them for better selling?

Well, it starts with internalizing them. Read them over, hand copy them a few times, and really let them sink into your memory.

Because if you can hit on one of these desires at the right time, they can change everything in a sales call.

But you shouldn’t just internalize them – you should also mold them into your sale message and pitch.

Let’s illustrate with an example…

One of my former colleagues was a door-to-door marketer for a windows and roofing company when he was younger, and he told me all about how his “pitch” aligned with many desires in the “Life Force 8”.

Once the homeowner opened their door and he greeted them, he started his pitch. Let’s see if you can point out the different “Life Force 8” desires in action.

“I’m John with XYZ company. We just finished up a roofing project down the street, and as I was walking by, I noticed you have some wear and tear on the roof. While we’re in the neighborhood, we’re giving you and a lot of the neighbors free estimates on roofing. We’ll be around all day today and tomorrow if that works better for you?”

Could you point them out? There are a few packed in there. Let’s look again.

“I’m John with XYZ company. We just finished up a roofing project down the street [Keeping up with the Joneses, social approval], and as I was walking by, I noticed you have some wear and tear on the roof [Comfortable living conditions]. While we’re in the neighborhood, we’re giving you and a lot of the neighbors free estimates on roofing [Keeping up with the Joneses]. We’ll be around all day today and tomorrow if that works better for you?”

As you can see, the “Life Force 8” really is threaded into the pitch – the main desires being social approval and the “Jones effect”.

To make his pitch even stronger, when homeowners seemed uncertain about signing up for an estimate, he’d point to some of the houses where he’d already talked with homeowners.

“We’ll be meeting with John and Cindy across the street at 6pm, we can swing by right after that if that works for you.”

This just made the Jones effect even stronger. If everybody else in the neighborhood was getting a free estimate, even their friends, than they’d be left out if they didn’t get one…at least, that’s how they might feel.

You can test different desires to see which have the biggest impact for your product. For example, maybe the weather forecasters were predicting an active hurricane season, or harsh winter. My friend could have changed his pitch to include this forecast, and thereby appeal more to the care and protection of loved ones.

You never know what will resonate more with one prospect over another, so having multiple Life Force 8 appeals in your arsenal can be quite powerful.

So now, let’s ask an important question…

How can you incorporate “Life Force 8” desires into your sales pitch?

Keep in mind, you don’t need to hit on all of them. That’d be pretty difficult to do. But even just hitting on one or two of the desires can make a big difference. Go through the list and see what you can come up with.

The Jones effect worked well for the window and roofing company, and maybe it can work well for you too. Perhaps you sell B2B and you can talk about how all the businesses in the industry are updating to a particular software (like yours).

Or maybe you sell life insurance B2C. In that case, think about the best ways to hit on the “care and protection of loved ones” desire or “survival, enjoyment of life.”

No matter what you sell, there’s always some sort of “Life Force 8” desire that you can hit on. So, figure out which desire (or desires) it is, and start crafting it in into your pitch.

What do you think are the most prevalent “Life Force 8” desires in your industry? How can you apply them for better selling? Let us know in the comments below…

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what it takes to be successful online

Growing up, our neighbor had a bull who was just about the most stubborn thing you’ve ever encountered. If you wanted it to go out to the pasture, it would steadfastly refuse to go and instead would spend the day in the barn. If you wanted it to come in out of the rain, it would stand out there in the pasture until it was soaked through and through, and still it would not come indoors to dry off. And so it went. No matter what you wanted this bull to do, it always seemed resolutely transfixed on taking the opposite course of action.

In Internet marketing, we often wonder why success comes so hard. Perhaps if we learn just one more technique, it will all fall together for us. Perhaps if we buy one more course, one more ebook or attend one more webinar, it will all make sense and money will rain down from the sky. And a month later, and a year later, where do most marketers find themselves? In the exact same place they were before.

Now you might wonder what a stubborn bull and a struggling Internet marketer have in common, and it’s this: Both of them already hold success within themselves. The bull doesn’t need an ebook on how to come in out of the rain anymore than a struggling marketer needs a 20th or 40th ebook on how to make money online.

What the bull and the Internet Marketer both need to be successful is simply a change of mind, or more specifically adopting what we might call a success mindset.

Rather than cursing the journey out to the green pasture when we’re standing in the barn, or the rain when we don’t have sense enough to come inside, we need merely change our thinking, and by changing our thinking we can change our actions, and thereby our results.

Instead of cursing the gurus for having lists of fellow marketers ready to promote their products to thousands of people, ask yourself how you can get into a position where you have a long list of fellow marketers who love to promote your products. (I’ll give you a great technique for doing exactly that in this issue.)

Instead of getting frustrated that you can’t seem to monetize Twitter, find out what others are doing that’s working and copy and improve upon their methods (I give you several in this edition.)

And so it goes. Playing victim is telling yourself that it’s too late to get into the Internet marketing game, that all the great niches are gone, that you’ll never be able to do what others have already accomplished, and so forth. Playing victim is standing out in the rain and refusing to come inside, or standing inside and refusing to head for the green pastures.

Victims don’t make money, they make misery – whereas a success mindset constantly asks how a negative can be turned into a positive, and how a shortfall can be remade into a windfall.

Every time you find yourself reacting negatively to something, correct yourself by seeing it as a challenge rather than a problem or obstacle. Do this enough and you will program yourself for success – after all, you cannot help but be successful if you are constantly taking positive action – and you can only take positive action when you first think the positive thoughts that lead to that action.

Also, learn to think long term. Success isn’t leaping from one idea to the next, never settling on a course of action. Success is found when you choose your path and then stay on that path until you reach your destination. True, the trip may not unfold as you plan, but so long as you keep your eyes on the prize and continue to move forward, you cannot help but succeed.

And you don’t need to invent new markets – rather, you need only find a market that is already profitable and then find ways to improve on what is being offered to that market. Find out what it is that people want, and not only deliver it to them, but go above and beyond in ways that are so extraordinarily helpful and pleasing, your name becomes synonymous with incredible value in that niche.

Forget magic bullets or new fangled programs that proclaim they will change everything for you in the wink of an eye. Instead, choose your niche, create your squeeze page and/or website and/or blog and focus on building your list with quality subscribers and new customers. Forget the gimmick that places thousands people on your list in a week who give you bogus email addresses or couldn’t care less about your niche – it’s a waste of your time and resources. Better to have 50 people on your list who are truly interested in your niche than 500 people who aren’t. And better to have 2 proven buyers in that niche than 50 freebie seekers.

By focusing on finding a system that puts 5 or 10 great leads on your list each day, in short order you will find the method that works for you, day in and day out. And once you’ve got it, it’s a simple matter to ramp it up so that the 5 or 10 become 50 or 100 or more. But it all starts at the beginning, at finding what works to bring in that first truly interested subscriber, and then the second and so forth. There are no shortcuts. True, there are many who will sell you on the idea that you can make your fortune or build your list overnight, but ask yourself this – who prospers when you purchase their product? Always it is them, while you are left with a little less cash and a little less hope.

Let others search for the holy magic grail of traffic that instantly floods their site with traffic. The thing about floods is while they are fast and deep, they’re also messy and short lived. Instead, gradually grow your business on a rock solid foundation that can withstand any storm. Think of grabbing a few hundred or thousand dollars overnight, only to be left with no more income, versus doubling a penny each day for 30 days. Which would you choose? The doubling penny, of course. Yes, it leaves the cupboards bare for the first days and weeks – but then what an embarrassment of riches you receive as it builds and builds into a solid income that arrives day and night, regardless of the economy, trends, quirks in the market, competition and so forth.

And success is not just a matter of mindset, and not just a matter of choosing a path and sticking to it, finding what works and doing more of it – it’s also about developing your skills as a marketer. What if this week you master how to write and submit articles that send traffic and links to your site? Perhaps next week you master setting up a blog and writing a post each day. And perhaps the week after you learn how to make short videos that inform and drive traffic. If each week you pick one new task to master, in less than 3 months you will know more than 95% of marketers out there. You don’t need to master everything, but you do need to master some things – and those things are again determined by the path that you choose to build your online business.

And here’s the kicker – when you’ve chosen your path to success and know what it is that you want to accomplish, you can go back to all those many programs you’ve purchased in the past and extract the jewels of information that do fit in with your business. Because now that you know your destination and you have good idea of how to get there, you’ve also gained the discernment necessary to find just the right information you need to get you there faster.

In the News: Marijuana Smuggler Seeks Job

Here’s another startling example of doing the opposite: Brian O’dea posted the following ad when looking for work:

Employment Wanted -Former Marijuana Smuggler

Having successfully completed a ten year sentence, incident-free, for importing 75 tons of marijuana into the United States. I am now seeking a legal and legitimate means to support my self and my family.

Business Experience – Owned and operated a successful fishing business – multi-vessel, one airplane, one island and processing facility. Simultaneously owned and operated a fleet of tractor-trailer trucks conducting business in the western United States. During this time I also co-owned and participated in the executive level management of 120 people worldwide in a successful pot smuggling venture with revenues in excess of US$100 million annually. I took responsibility for my own actions, and received a ten year sentence in the United States while others walked free for their cooperation.

Attributes – I am an expert in all levels of security; I have extensive computer skills, am personable, outgoing, well-educated, reliable, clean and sober. I have spoken in schools to thousands of kids and parent groups over the past ten years on “the consequences of choice”, and received public recognition from the RCMP for community service. I am well-traveled and speak English, French and Spanish. References available from friends, family, the U.S. District Attorney, etc.

While most people with Brian’s background would have downplayed his past in the hopes that someone would hire him anyway, Brian followed his gut instinct, did the opposite and revealed all in a public advertisement in a major newspaper. Result? Plenty of free media coverage and an amazing 600 responses.

So go ahead – turn your negatives into positives – and do what you think is right – not what everyone else says you should do, or what “conventional wisdom” advises. Sometimes taking what we believe is the correct course of action goes against the grain and seems to be the opposite of what the world expects. So what? If it means being true to yourself, there’s an excellent chance you and your business will fare far better for having taken the leap of faith than if you’d taken the common road.

As to doing the opposite of what people expect, the character George on Seinfeld did this for an entire episode, and for perhaps the first time ever, things worked out brilliantly for him.

True, you’re not a TV character – but the fact is you’ve only got one life. Do you want to live it as a copy of someone else’s life, or do you want to stand apart from the crowd and be your own person? Every great innovation began with people saying it either couldn’t be done or it would never work. Forget the naysayers and dare to be different.

By the way – this is not new news – in fact it was almost a decade ago that this ad appeared, yet Brian is still banking off of this with his own website called, “HIGH – Confessions of an International Drug Smuggler.”


Find a way to be yourself. Then do that. Proudly,

In The News: Get Unstuck in less than 3 mins

My friend Rich goes over the problems a lot of us have in being a successful entrepreneur.  In less than 3 minutes we learn the critical step to think better, learn better, and make more money in your online business, or really every aspect of your life.  This is why we all get hung up in Shiny object Disease.


This man is very smart, and the guy who taught every one who is big online.

In The News: Guy Quits Job to Play Starcraft 2

Clears $5,000 a month!

Steven Bonnell didn’t want to clean carpets anymore – he just wanted to stay home and play his favorite video game, Starcraft 2. And not only is he earning $5,000 a month playing the game – he’s not even the best in the world. In fact, he doesn’t even play in the Starcraft tournaments.

So how is Steven earning a living doing the thing that he loves the most? He simply plays the game and streams it live via, and then he places the videos on YouTube.

Because he’s highly animated on the videos, he’s attracted a very loyal following, earning about $3500 a month in ad revenue. Plus, he’s teaching others how to play, which brings him an additional $1500 a month.

Lessons learned?

1. If you can think just a little bit creatively, you can probably find a way to earn your living doing the thing you love the most.

2. You don’t have to be the best of the best – you just need some sort of edge. In Steven’s case, he’s highly entertaining and passionate and it comes through on his videos.

3. Video games are a HUGE market full of rabid fans, so if this is your niches, there’s plenty of money to be made.

4. Live streaming combined with placing the highlights on YouTube is a great marketing combination.

5. It’s okay not to be perfect. If you’re waiting until you’re an expert or the best of the best to launch your business or share yourself with the world, you’ll never be ready. Just get out there are start marketing what you do have – and see what happens.

6. If a guy can earn $60,000 playing a video game, what CAN’T you do??

Here’s a thread on Reddit where you can read more:

NOTE: Any and all of the above may contain adult language – especially in his videos (just so you know.)