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Membership Letter Business and Financial Services


Dear Member,


The Solutions Network is offering the members of Quincy Barnes a large array of business and financial services ranging from Home Loans, Credit Services, Bankruptcy, Free Credit Repair Manual, Tax and Back Tax services, etc… all at reduced fees...Read More »

Tricks to Getting Retweeted

When your tweets get retweeted, a whole new group of followers is exposed to your tweet, and thereby you. The more your tweets are retweeted, the greater number of followers who get to see them. Why is this important? Because the added exposure can mean...Read More »

How to Run a Twitter Poll

Twitter polls are an excellent method for asking for help, getting feedback and further building relationships. And they’re super easy to run, as well. Here’s how:

  1. Announce that you’ll be taking a poll or asking a series of poll questions.
  2. Use a descriptive...Read More »

How to Use Twitter for Marketing

Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool once you discover how to optimize it for your business needs…

  1. Don’t focus on number, focus on quality. Rather than seeing how many thousands of people you can follow in the hopes they will follow you back,...Read More »

Rework Your Mortgage to save your home

There is no shame in falling down… The only shame is in not getting back up.  Socrates

    If you’re falling… I Can Help!        

  • You Don’t Have to Lose Your Home! 
    • We can and will stop it without Bankruptcy!
  • Already in foreclosure?  Is there already...Read More »