Want to Learn How To Make $1k+ Per Day Profit In Affiliate Marketing?

I’ve been in affiliate marketing since 1998
Forget wasting years of time & thousands of dollars – I wanna show you how I personally did it, and how I stay at the top of this industry year in, year out.
FIRST THINGS FIRSTLet us define what we mean when we talk . Affiliate marketing is the process of driving leads to an offer we don’t own, and getting paid a percentage each time someone converts.NEXT UP

I want to show you how to get started in this industry.

There is a lot to learn, so let’s get started.

Resources and Tools For Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a business that you do 100% from your computer.

Whether you are in Asia, Europe, Africa or America, you can make it work.

We rely heavily on tools and software to help us make money.

Here’s a basic overview of what you need to get started:

#1 You need people to sell to.

We refer to places that can send us people as “traffic sources”. You sign up with a traffic source (like Facebook), make an account, make up your first online ad, and then click the button on their site to start the traffic flowing.

#2 You need something to sell.

We refer to this as the “offer”. We could go straight to someone who owns an offer, but affiliates use affiliate networks. This is because an affiliate network has a huge range of offers we can test (we test relentlessly to find the best offers).

#3 You need to track who is buying.

We refer to this as our “tracker”. Without this, we wouldn’t know who was buying, so we wouldn’t be able to make our campaigns better.

#4 You need hosting to host your landing pages.

Often when you have an offer from an affiliate network, you will want to “pre-sell” the visitor. We do this by creating a landing page in CSS/HTML. Once it’s ready, we send traffic to it from our traffic source. Then we put the affiliate link on our landing page, so when someone clicks it, our tracker registers who has clicked.

You’ll likely have questions like “Which traffic source should I use”, or “Which affiliate network should I use”?

I’ll answer these now:

What Traffic Sources Do I Recommend?

There are only three traffic types that I use to run campaigns.

  1. Facebook
  2. Mobile (pop, redirect)
  3. Native
  4. Plenty of Fish

Your job as an affiliate is not to figure out what traffic sources “work”, but what offers work best for a traffic source.

They all have different placements and audiences so you need to test offers to see which one responds best. This is the essence of how to learn affiliate marketing – you test a source, see what works well on it, and then scale.

These are the facts that most of these Guru’s are either keeping from you, because they are afraid of you taking their advantage, (there isn’t one, it is more math and money than some great quest – this is a contact hitter’s sport, homer run hitters strike out a lot) I teach the system, not the fluke.

Don’t be shy, reach out for our coaching, and we can help you get set up, and running, then you going. Stop trying to do it alone. We all have spots we aren’t great at. We help you, AND show you, so you can do it, because you can.

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