Great Free Photo Sites

Free Pics No Tricks

The site features high quality and no pop-up ads or mandatory registration, and well, they delivered on that promise. The gallery is searchable and the site does not require anything from the user.

Startup Free Tech Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos – surprise, surprise – concentrates on potential entrepreneurs who wants to start their business. They don’t have a whole lot of versatility going for them but when you nail a specific niche that well, you probably don’t need to. Some of their pictures are not high quality but that’s all right, especially since you don’t have to register with them in order to download the pictures. Attribution is required though.

Every Stock Photo

This is a huge resource of free stock image, currently indexing over 3 million photos! Every Stock is a search engine for free photos, and it searches many of the sites listed here. Search options allow you to specify license type. Highly recommended.

Free Nature Stock

A free stock images site dedicated to Mother Nature herself, Free Nature Stock offers a small but rather mesmerizing gallery. You are not required to give credit to the original artists and you do not need to sign up for a membership either.


The twin site of Unspash, Re:splashed offers quite an interesting function. When you use it, you also search for Unsplash images, but with increased options. When you use Re:splashed, you don’t have to credit the original artist.

Open Photos

Open photo groups their completely free photos by categories, and offers a search function as well. Registration is only necessary if you’d like to upload photos.

Stock Vault

Stock vault is a very classy, modern site with thousands of images and some Photoshop tutorials.  With one of the largest databases around, Stockvault is clearly one of the better options you can find. Not only most of their images are high resolution, but their database is also searchable and there are no attribution requirements whatsoever


Unprofound is unusual in that photos are grouped by color, rather than category. There is also a search function. Registration is not necessary, but allows you to create a free online portfolio, and to contribute to the ever-growing collection.

 Ancestry Images

If you need antique images specifically, Ancestry Images is the place to go. The concept is very interesting but we cannot say that it does not work. The fact that you browse their selection without signing up for a membership obviously does not hurt its popularity either. Currently there are more than 30.000 photos in the stock and other than the attribution, you are free to use them.

Public Domain Photos

Public Domain Photos is just that: photographs in the public domain, arranged by category. There’s a good search function, as well. Includes a clip art section, as a bonus.

Historical Stock Photos

Historical Free Stock Photos has lots of historical images, including many by Matthew Brady (Civil War) and Dorothea Lange (Great Depression). Includes paintings and vintage posters. Categorized, with a search function. Got retro?

Smithsonian Image Archive

Did you know that Smithsonian has a quite large gallery of free stock images with Flickr? “Quite large” currently translates to north of 3000 image, all of them coming in high quality.

Foodies Feed

From the name you probably already figured out that we are dealing with another genre specific site of free stock images. At Foodies Feed you can find all kind of mouth watering free stock images about foods, courtesy of Jakub Kapusnak. You can not only search the site but you are not required to sign up for a membership either. While attribution is also not mandatory, the original creator requests it from everybody which is only fair of course.

 Pickup Image

Free public domain images, how does this sound? Not bad, right? And in return, they don’t really ask for a whole lot of things. You don’t have to create an account nor credit them to get free stock images, all you have to do is simply visit their site. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

 New Old Stock

This is a wonderful retro site that offering you a large amount of high quality black and white pictures and free stock images from the past. There is something nostalgic about seeing people in important moment of their life, people who may not even be among us anymore. We all have this in common, but until we are here, we can use New Old Stock’s wonderful selection of free stock images.

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