Make Money Nudging Others

Here’s an idea for a service business – get people to pay you to bug them. Seriously.
People know they should eat well, they should exercise, they should put in extra time on their business, they should save more, etc. But without someone...Read More »

What If Your List Building Broke All The Rules?

First, let’s talk about the “rules” of list building.

  • The reason to have a list is so you can SELL them stuff. LOTS of stuff.
  • You build the list by offering a freebie. It doesn’t matter what the freebie is, so long as...Read More »

What is Lead Quality


Affiliates should understand that advertisers need to make money as well. They have numbers that they need to hit in order to stay profitable. If you keep sending them bad leads then why would they keep doing business with you?

The ultimate campaign would one where everyone benefits: You make money, the advertiser...Read More »

5 Ways to Come Up With a Million Dollar Business


How many of you guys want to start a business, but you’re waiting for that one great idea?

I used to think that way. I thought me starting a business would require:

1. A genius business idea that no one’s ever thought about before. (And when I see someone...Read More »

How to Master & Dominate Traffic Sources P3

Part 1 – Introduction
Part 2 – The Different Traffic Sources
Part 3 – The Bidding Process

Introductions are out the way and it’s time to dig into the good stuff.

I’ve tried to make the concepts as simple as possible, but it may still be confusing...Read More »

How to Master & Dominate Traffic Sources P2


Part 1 – Introduction

Welcome to part 2 of my series. Hopefully I’ve convinced you it’s better to specialize in a type of traffic source instead of bouncing around. Before I get too deep into this, I...Read More »

How to Master & Dominate Traffic Sources P1

What’s Your Target?

When I first read about internet marketing 6 years ago, it took me nearly a year before I saw my first profit. One of the biggest reasons was that I was kind of all over the place: I’d launch a campaign on Adwords, another one...Read More »

Tips on Networking With More Successful People

A key part of growth is to improve your network.

Study the biography of any successful person and you can see how key relationships accelerated their growth.

Small problem though – Most of us aren’t born into great connections. You have to start from scratch and develop relationships with...Read More »

Zero Based Thinking

Make Better Decisions Using Zero Based Thinking

I learned an amazing thinking technique a few years ago thanks to Brian Tracy.

It’s called Zero Based Thinking.

Most of your decisions in life will be wrong. That’s how life works. We take action, we make mistakes, and...Read More »

Basics: Mastering Angles

Back to Basics: Mastering Angles

1. Back to Basics: Statistical Significance

Back to Basics is a series where I take fundamental concepts in affiliate marketing and make them easy to understand for beginners. 

How does BMW market their cars?

Their entire marketing is...Read More »

Life Force 8

The Life Force 8 are the eight basic human instincts hardwired into every person:

  1. Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension
  2. Enjoyment of food and beverages
  3. Freedom from fear, pain, and danger
  4. Sexual companionship
  5. Comfortable living conditions
  6. To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses
  7. Care and protection of loved ones
  8. Social approval

In other words,...Read More »

Affiliate Networks vs Going Direct: Which Is Better?

When you’re starting off in the industry, you should sign up for and run through a few affiliate networks first. It’s convenient, and you’re at the stage where affiliate managers can be very helpful.

But as you mature in the industry, a time will come when you’ll have to...Read More »

8 Hacks to Squeeze More Profits Out of Your Campaigns

IMG 0853

Who doesn’t want to make more profits from their campaigns?

Every campaign you launch has the potential to make life-changing money.

But sometimes you’ll test and optimize to get a campaign profitable… and it only makes a few dollars per day.

What do you do?

Ditch the campaign, because $2.50 profit...Read More »

Fundraising Done For YOU

At Absolutely No Cost to Your Organization or Your Membership– Ever!

Special Offer for 2017

 I will run an email campaign to your members FREE


To Join Our Fund Raising Program Simply Click Here

It is...Read More »

Membership Letter Business and Financial Services


Dear Member,


The Solutions Network is offering the members of Quincy Barnes a large array of business and financial services ranging from Home Loans, Credit Services, Bankruptcy, Free Credit Repair Manual, Tax and Back Tax services, etc… all at reduced fees...Read More »

Membership Letter.Gift Giving

You can feel free to use this as a guide or template for your membership awareness campaign. We can even run it for you.

Let us know how we can help you be successful.


Read More »

Want to Learn How To Make $1k+ Per Day Profit In Affiliate Marketing?

I’ve been in affiliate marketing since 1998
Forget wasting years of time & thousands of dollars – I wanna show you how I personally did it, and how I stay at the top of this industry year in, year out.
FIRST THINGS FIRSTLet us define...Read More »

The Power of Positive Names

If you rename your product, will you sell more of it? The answer is likely yes, if you choose a name with more positive connotations. For example, how many people will buy a piece of carrot cake to go with their morning latte? Not many...Read More »

How to Add Hundreds of Buyers to Your List for Almost Free

This method costs you nothing but time – yet it can add mightily to your bottom line. As you already know, a buyer is worth far, far more than a simple subscriber, and here’s how to get buyers added to your list for free…

Nearly every day someone approaches me about doing a joint venture because as you know, joint ventures are a marvelous way to get your product in front of a lot of people quickly. Better yet, getting your joint venture partner’s recommendation can significantly increase both...Read More »

How to Know What Your Next Step Should Be

Scott Anthony of the Harvard Business Review did a piece on “3 Ways to Prioritize a Long List of Ideas, which you can read here..


It’s all about how to choose what it is that you should do next, which product to run with,...Read More »

Reduce Cart Abandonment with A Simple Banner

If you’re using Paypal to take payments, here’s a neat little trick to increase your sales…

When someone adds your product to the shopping cart, it takes them to the Paypal checkout page. The problem is, some people will back out of the purchase...Read More »

Tricks to Getting Retweeted

When your tweets get retweeted, a whole new group of followers is exposed to your tweet, and thereby you. The more your tweets are retweeted, the greater number of followers who get to see them. Why is this important? Because the added exposure can mean...Read More »

How to Run a Twitter Poll

Twitter polls are an excellent method for asking for help, getting feedback and further building relationships. And they’re super easy to run, as well. Here’s how:

  1. Announce that you’ll be taking a poll or asking a series of poll questions.
  2. Use a descriptive...Read More »

How to Use Twitter for Marketing

Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool once you discover how to optimize it for your business needs…

  1. Don’t focus on number, focus on quality. Rather than seeing how many thousands of people you can follow in the hopes they will follow you back,...Read More »

How to Know if Your Copy Sucks

You’ve just finished writing the sales copy for your new product. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to test your copy BEFORE you actually send prospects to it? Because think about this – if you send a 1,000 people to your sales...Read More »

Great Free Photo Sites

Free Pics No Tricks

The site features high quality and no pop-up ads or mandatory registration, and well, they delivered on that promise. The gallery is searchable and the site does not require anything from the user.

Startup Free Tech Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos – surprise,...Read More »