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Click here to Join the ASN Fun Raising Program     You will be asked for basic information, including your First and Last Name.  You will want to enter your organizational name in a manner that will be conducive to the manner in which our sign up works… for example, you see at the top of this page it says Offered to you by Quincy Barnes, ultimately, your site will say Offered to you by (Your Organizations Name) 

  • If the name of your organization is “Calvary Church”,
  •     just use Calvary for First Name and Church for Last Name.
  • If the name of your organization is Calvary Baptist Church, enter  Calvary Baptist for First Name and Church for Last Name
  • If Roseville Union School District use Roseville Union for First Name and School District for Last Name.
  • Upon completion of the above form, you will immediately get a confirmation page which will have your organization’s website address and your organization’s name on it.  It will look something like this… In each part of the web address, the CC is derived from the first letter of your entered “First Name” i.e. Calvary and the first letter of your “Last Name” Church– You can immediately, thereafter, follow your link and go to your multi purpose home site. 
  • To get straight to your “RESOURCE CENTER”  It’s link will be towards the upper right hand corner of your site.  Then at the right hand column you will see a link that says
  • NOTE: Within about 30 seconds to 20 minutes after completion of the membership form, depending on server load, you will get the first of 10 training emails that will provide full details of the many additional business and various fund raising options available.


Fund Raising Offering Full Business and Financial Services to Members

Offer Business and Financial Services to your members.  We offer a huge array of much needed business and financial services.  Ranging from, No Down Home Loans, Bankruptcy, Credit Repair, Free Credit Repair Kits, Tax Assistance, etc… We provide the best services and the lowest fees.  If you choose to do so, you can let your membership know that these professional, but low cost services are available.   By doing so, you are helping them with some of today’s most trying issues… and you are paid a percentage of any service that we perform.  Following are the approximate amounts that we pay to your organization.

HOME LOANS— Through the All Solutions Network, you can help your membership with their Real Estate Finance needs.  Both purchases and refinances.  We have an incredible assortment of home loans that work for everyone from upper income, great credit to low income, no down, and even bad credit purchasers.  We do things on a daily basis that other lenders simply can not or will not do!  We will always provide the best service and best terms for your members,

PLUS, we donate 10% of the loan’s gross income directly to your organization on any loan that funds through your Loan Organization’s Page, identical to that below, except with your personal ID included.

No Money Down Loans

This means your organization earns from $300 to $1500 for every funded loan that originates from your website. 

CREDIT REPAIR— Our credit repair services work.  We have many people who had substantial credit issues, who after our utilizing our services had score increases of 50 to 200 points, thus enabling them to buy homes and cars with nothing down.  We donate $30 dollars to your organization for every Credit Repair service that originates from your website.  Identical to that below, except with your personal ID included.

Credit Repair

BANKRUPTCY— We prepare all forms necessary for the filing.  All your member has to do is drop it off at the courthouse.

We donate $30 dollars to your organization for every Bankruptcy service that originates from your website.  identical to that below, except with your personal ID included.

Free Bankruptcy Info


Many of your members, through no fault of their own, have credit issues that are causing them many issues… higher rates, more down payment requirements, inability to get credit cards, etc… Even though our credit repair services are generally about one third the cost of other companies… some of your members will not be able to afford even this.  For them we offer a TWO Free Credit Repair Manuals with Free Credit Report.  This not only creates an affordable solution to a common but devastating problem…  Your organization is paid $5.00 for every Free Manual and Report ordered.

Simply direct them to your site,  except with your ID information.

Free Credit Repair Program

NOTE:  You are always notified AUTOMATICALLY, by email when anyone submits an order form from any of your ASN Service pages.

We have many other valuable service that we will provide to your organization for the benefit of your organization and members.  All of the other services and fund raising methods will be explained once you’ve joined the ASN Fund Raising Assistance Program.

There is never any cost to you or your organization for your participation.  You are given a Free Website that is in operation 24/7, 52 weeks a year and no hosting or maintenance fees required, EVER.

Contact me at If you have any questions.

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