Cold prospecting tips

Let’s talk about professionalism, for a second. Yesterday I made a post in a group. I was looking to find out what everyone’s February specials and kits, see if I should budget something new in…
As you can expect, I had many responses. I have messaged many of them, and will message the rest.
What do you think goes through my head, as a potential customer, when you don’t even know who I am or why I’m messaging you?

YOU commented on MY post…. you should remember, or take note of it! You don’t want your first impression to be a BAD impression!

So here’s a tip!! If you get a message from someone and you don’t remember where you bumped into them, search their name. Here on Facebook, search for them. If they made a post, and it’s public or you are friends, it should show up!

Don’t find anything, then scope their profile, see if something jogs your memory.

Still can’t figure it out, chit chat for a bit, see if you find out in the course of conversation.

As a last resort, try something like, “gosh, I just can’t remember where we connected”
“I know there was something I was going to send you, but I don’t remember if it was this xyz content or the BKE information?

Whatever you do, don’t make it seem that you are to busy, or to flighty, to know!! <3

If you are taking this personally, you might want to get a note book and try to start making notes of possible leads 😉 It’s not meant to offend you, just help you!!

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