Membership Letter Business and Financial Services


Dear Member,


The Solutions Network is offering the members of Quincy Barnes a large array of business and financial services ranging from Home Loans, Credit Services, Bankruptcy, Free Credit Repair Manual, Tax and Back Tax services, etc… all at reduced fees and in some cases free.


In today’s economic times, many people have found themselves facing issues that up until recently, they would never have imagined possible.  These services may help alleviate some of these associated issues.


Thankfully, most of our members have no need for these services.  But for those that do, we felt that it was incumbent upon us to let our members know they have options… and, if needed… these services are not financially out of reach.


By special arrangement with the Solutions Network we have agreed that all services provided will be substantially below normal fees and that a substantial portion of all fees charges will be given to Quincy Barnes to further our charitable causes.


Following are a few links to some of the available services.  We’re praying that you don’t need them.  But if you do, We pray that the will be of help.


ASN FINANCIAL SERVICES- One stop comprehensive page that provides access to numerous financial service ranging from free tax information to sources of free credit assistance.


HOME LOANS— a huge assortment of home loans that work for everyone from upper income, great credit to low income, no down, and even bad credit purchasers.  We do things on a daily basis that other lenders simply can not or will not do!  We will always provide the best service and best terms for your members,


CREDIT REPAIR— Our credit repair services work.  We have many people who had substantial credit issues, who after our utilizing our services had score increases of 50 to 200 points, thus enabling them to buy homes and cars with nothing down.


BANKRUPTCY— We prepare all forms necessary for the filing.  All you have to do is drop it off at the courthouse.



Many of our members people, through no fault of their own, have credit issues that are causing them many issues… higher rates, higher down payment requirements, inability to get credit cards, etc… Even though our credit repair services are generally about one third the cost of other companies… in today’s tough times, many are unable to afford even this.  For them, we offer a TWO Free Credit Repair Manuals with Free Credit Report.  This affords the perfect solution to a common but devastating problem


Our deepest thanks to you for your continuing support.




Your Name)



Tricks to Getting Retweeted

When your tweets get retweeted, a whole new group of followers is exposed to your tweet, and thereby you. The more your tweets are retweeted, the greater number of followers who get to see them. Why is this important? Because the added exposure can mean you get new followers as well as more clicks to your website.

So are there any tricks to getting retweeted? Absolutely, and I’ve picked out some of the best…

  1. Write good stuff. Seriously – write tweets that people enjoy, that are interesting or useful or entertaining or helpful. Recall the kinds of things you’ve retweeted – you don’t forward boring stuff, you retweet only the best tweets, and that’s what your followers do as well.


  2. Anything about Twitter is retweetable. Think about it – what is the ONE thing every single person on Twitter has in common? Twitter! So when you find an article with Twitter tips, or the latest editorial rant on why Twitter is bad, or great, or the marketing bonanza of all time – go ahead and tweet about it.


  3. Break news – whether it’s a tornado moving through your backyard or the latest development in your niche – tweet about breaking news as soon as you hear about it.


  4. Tweet “How-to’s.” People love tweets that begin with, “How to…” regardless of whether it’s how to make sauerkraut chocolate cake, get more done in less time or hot wire a car. Another phrase that also gets retweeted a lot is “The art of…”


  5. Use links in your tweets. Providing a link adds credibility and gives your followers a place to go for more information. Always add a link if it’s pertinent.


  6. Tweet about the weird, strange and bizarre. Glow in the dark goldfish and naked graffiti artists will get retweeted non-stop for DAYS, so go ahead and tweet about the weird stuff, because you are NOT the only person who loves being surprised and shocked.


  7. Which brings us to the last one – be surprising, be different, be FUN. More than almost anything else, people love to be entertained – so go ahead and get a little crazy, let the kid in you shine through, and transmit that innate sense of pleasure in living life to your followers.

Bottom line: The more you get retweeted, the better. And what’s the number one trick to getting retweeted?

Believe it or not, it’s simply ASKING your followers to retweet you.

How to Run a Twitter Poll

Twitter polls are an excellent method for asking for help, getting feedback and further building relationships. And they’re super easy to run, as well. Here’s how:

  1. Announce that you’ll be taking a poll or asking a series of poll questions.
  2. Use a descriptive #hashtag after each of your poll questions to thread them together.
  3. Ask questions that are relevant to your tweeting history. For example, if your Twitter profile is all about online marketing, then stick to that rather than asking what they think of politics or global climate change.
  4. Do make it fun. Polls don’t always need to be serious. For example, if your niche is marketing, you might ask how they would market square chicken eggs or what is the worst example of marketing they’ve witnessed in the past week.
  5. Thank your participants, ask for clarification if necessary, and let them know what you’ll be doing with their feedback (Creating a new product? Changing your marketing strategy? Writing a new blog post? Etc.)
  6. If you’re writing a blog post based on the results you receive, consider thanking the participants by name in your post. If there are too many to thank, at least create a Twitter list just for this particular poll and then link to the poll from your blogpost.

If you’re finding it difficult to interact with your fellow Twitterites, you’ll definitely want to use a few polls to get things jump started. I’ve seen a poll on whether or not people prefer creamy to chunky peanut butter generate huge interest in just minutes. It’s all about engaging people and valuing their opinion – even on something as silly as smooth or lumpy.

How to Use Twitter for Marketing

Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool once you discover how to optimize it for your business needs…

  1. Don’t focus on number, focus on quality. Rather than seeing how many thousands of people you can follow in the hopes they will follow you back, focus on finding the highly targeted members who are a good match for what you’re promoting. Read their profiles and follow people who are interested in your niche; whether it’s gardening or race car driving or Internet marketing.

    Think of your Twitter followers as you would a mailing list – a thousand highly target people who are truly receptive to your products are worth far more to your business than a 100,000 randomly selected people. That’s why Twitter isn’t about who has the biggest follower count – it’s about making real connections with real people.

  2. Don’t blast links to the exclusion of great content and making real connections. Certainly you want to promote your brand with your latest blog post or product, but you won’t get the results you seek unless you’re also forging connections, developing networks and growing relationships as well.
  3. If you spend too much of your time pushing your products and boosting your own ego, your followers will run for the hills faster than you can say, “Whoops!” Plus, if you’re not interacting with your followers, your followers are forgetting you altogether.Don’t slave over content.
  4. If you’re already producing content elsewhere on the Internet, then Twitter is a breeze. For example, craft 3 or 4 tweets for each blog post that highlight something interesting you covered in your post, and do the same for articles. New product? Pull out some nuggets of information and share it freely with your followers.  
  5. Don’t tell your followers what you had for breakfast unless there was something truly interesting about it. Cornflakes or eggs are NOT tweet worthy, fresh alligator is. Some folks on Twitter feel it’s their duty to report every little thing in their lives. Yawn! If you’re on Twitter to market, then leave this mundane stuff out of your tweets.


  6. Do share the latest news in your niche. This is easy – sign up for Google Alerts using terms relevant to your niche to receive the latest news each day, and then write a few tweets from this content. Presto! That took maybe 5 minutes, and you become the informed person people want to follow.


  7. Do offer your Twitter followers sales and coupons. Since the very nature of Twitter is fast response, you can give followers an incentive to follow you by offering them special deals, such as a 50% discount for the next 20 minutes.


  8. Do provide immediate support. Dell Computers has been combining product discounts with customer support and a request for feedback from Twitter users for sometime now – and their efforts have added millions to their bottom line. To easily keep track of every tweet mentioning your name, your product or your company, use It sends you notifications to let you know who’s tweeting about you, allowing you to immediately respond. And remember, every time you respond to a tweet, there are hundreds of other people watching your conversation. That’s why one stellar show of customer service can result in several more sales.


  9. Do elicit customer feedback. Ask questions such as, “What’s missing from our latest product?” What’s your toughest challenge?” “What would you like to know concerning how to ____ ?” And so forth. This is a great way to get information on how to improve your current products and what products you should roll out next. Be sure to acknowledge the responses you receive.


  10. Do run contests. People love contests and you can really capture their interest with this. First, make the contests short – no more than an hour in duration. Second, make them fun. You might ask followers to send their best example of a web page with a funny header, or to guess what you did to earn money in junior high, or to write the best headline for toothpaste for elephants. Encourage your followers to retweet your contest and be sure to award prizes to the winners – free copies of an e-product or Amazon coupons work great.


  11. Do retweet. By reposting useful content to your followers, you can build goodwill, increase your followers and get your own content retweeted as well.


  12. Do run polls. You’ll find new people to follow and you’ll collect dynamite tips and insights from your followers. Plus it’s a great opportunity to engage your network and further build your relationships.

By using these steps you’ll find that Twitter is a great place to build relationships with your customers, find new customers and even enjoy the process.

Rework Your Mortgage to save your home

There is no shame in falling down… The only shame is in not getting back up.  Socrates

    If you’re falling… I Can Help!        

  • You Don’t Have to Lose Your Home! 
    • We can and will stop it without Bankruptcy!
  • Already in foreclosure?  Is there already a Foreclosure Sale Date?  
  • You Don’t Have to be Burdened with Exorbitant House Payments!
  • You Don’t Have to Be Stuck With High Interest Rates
  • You Don’t Have to be Saddled with a Home that’s Worth Less than You Owe

And You Don’t Have to Refinance or File Bankruptcy to Do It!   
Real Issues…

Need Real People…


For a Free No Obligation Consultation

877 604 6636 Ext 601

When calling, please reference

Service ID #


The Solutions Network

Are you Losing Your Home?  Do You Owe More than your House is Worth?

Our Goal is Simple… To Solve Your Issue.

Our overarching objective is to solve your Mortgage and Real Estate Issues in a manner

that fits your needs and at a cost you can afford.

  • Are your payments are Behind?  We can get them current…
  • Payments too high?  We can lower them.
  • Are you in default?  If Necessary, we can pull you out.
  • Do You Owe Too Much?  We can probably even reduce your balances! 

And we’ll do it without the need for a new loan, refinance or bankruptcy!

We want what you want…  an outcome that is Good for You and Good for Your Family–

It’s a Tragic Fact!

The government has put in place financial programs that allow millions of families to save their homes, lower their payments, wipe out tens of thousands of dollars on their mortgages…

So, What’s the Tragedy?

Actual statistics show that 75% of these MILLIONS of struggling families;  families who are fighting to but still losing their homes actually qualify for this life changing program.   Entire families plunging into foreclosure while continuing to vainly attempt to make outrageous house payments…  They are fighting and losing their homes simply because they don’t know help exists or don’t know they qualify. 


Following a few of our scores of customer testimonials:

(Other than highlighting, each is exactly as provided by our customer… typos and all!)

Anthony was not only behind in payments…

but a his foreclosure sale date had actually been set!

Anthony M.

I would like to thank you for the work you did on my home loan modification! We must say that your expertise you exhibited not only let us keep our home but lowered our interest rate from 5% fixed to 3.1% fixed for 30 years! This literally lowered my payments by over $300.00!

Thank you so much!


Willie and Katherine G.

Your Mortgage negotiators/foreclosure prevention specialists are the absolute best. My wife and I were going through difficult financial circumstances, and they put our mind at ease, and allowed us to get another chance, and get back on the right track. We strongly recommend their services. We would also like to personally thank Lisa for all of her hard work and dedication. This company is a God send, and if you ever get in a situation like ours, I wouldn’t hesitate to utilize them. Willie & Katherine G.06/2016 Homeowners


Stu L.

Thank you so much!!! I lost my job, got behind on my house payments.  I finally got another job but for less money so I still couldn’t make my payments.  I tried to negotiate with my lender on my own but got nowhere.  I was depressed, foreclusure was on the way and just knew I was going to lose everything.  Then a good friend referred me to your company   I really didn’t have much hope but I thought, ” don’t I at least have to try?”.

I still can’t believe what you guys did! You lowered my payments by over $700 a month.  I didn’t have to worry about my back payments because they were put to the end of my loan, I didn’t have to start my new payments for 30 days, and my loan balance was lowered by $50,000 dollars!

I still don’t know how you did it, but you did.  Thank you!

****************************** .

Brad W.

Thank you for taking away the stress and uncertainty of a bad financial situation. When you don’t really know where to turn ASN Financial Services is the place. Having a knowledgeable advocate on your side is a great asset when dealing with financial institutions. You have shaved over $500 off our mortgage and helped to get us back on the right track to financial stability. If you need help with a new mortgage, refinancing, renegotiation, taxes, bankruptcy or any financial situation I strongly recommend ASN Financial Services!!!


Mark L.

Thank you for all of your help, Lisa! You just don’t know how much of a relief it has been to have you going to bat for me so I could concentrate on work and family.  You lowered my payment by over $600 a month!  I won’t hesitate to tell all my friends and family about this and your other financial services.  What a concept, a company I can trust.



True Story of a True Recent Client:

One of our recent clients, Stuart S, due to our weak economy like millions of others:

  • Lost his job
  • Got behind on his payments
    • By the time he found another job… it was for less money, so…
  • He was was unable to make up the back payments…
  • He no longer earned enough to even afford his normal monthly payments, let alone make up arrearages!

He contacted his lender and went through all the steps in an attempt to have his loan terms adjusted so as to save his home.  Because it was new to him and he was unfamiliar the proper steps, desired debt to income ratios, programs and the most effective strategies, it was denied and so he resigned himself to losing his home.

Then a friend of his, one of our members, told him about ASN services.  Even though skeptical, because he had already been turned down, he contacted us…



  • We reduced Stu’s mortgage payment from $1,500 per month to about $800
  • We were able to postpone his next payment for an additional 30 days.
  • We rolled his past payments back into his loan balance, making him current without a penny out of pocket.
  • Even with the arrearages added back into the loan amount, we were able to reduce his mortgage balance by more than $50,000 dollars!

We were able to stop foreclosure, save his home, postpone his next payment, cut his monthly payments almost in half, and reduce the amount owed by more than $50.000 dollars!…


Even though other companies charge from $3,500 to $5,000 or more for this type of service and require full payment up front, we did all of this for only $1,500 and we even let him to make payments.

At ASN, we have a saying…

“A solution you can’t afford, is not a solution

We truly are here to help.

If you or someone you know is burdened with unaffordable house payments.

If you are buried and owe thousands more than it’s worth…

If you or someone you know is in need… LET US HELP!

877 604 6636  Ext 603

When calling, please reference

Service ID #


Preventing the loss of your home could be easier than you think. A little financial expertise can solve many of the major problems that lead to foreclosure. It includes the art of negotiating with your current lender on your behalf to address problems which would otherwise cause you to lose your home. The best strategy for using mortgage negotiation service depends largely on which of these problems is your greatest challenge.

  1. Are your mortgage payments too high?
    If your payments are too high, it could be due either to the loan balance or to your interest rate. If it’s because of your loan balance, it may be possible to lower your payments by reducing the principal loan balance.
  2. Is your interest rate too high?
    Maybe your payments are too high primarily because of the interest rate. If you find the interest rate overly high – even if you are current on payments – the bank may be willing to consider lowering your interest rate.
  3. Do you owe more than the home is worth? Or is there too little equity to refinance?
    This is a common problem: particularly in hard hit states like Ohio, Florida, and California and some major cities like Baltimore, MD. If you have been turned down for a refinance recently because you didn’t have enough equity, There’s good news: a mortgage negotiator can help persuade the lender to work out an agreeable solution.
  4. Are you behind on your mortgage payments?
    Depending on the situation, your lender may not take your case seriously until you are several months behind. However, there are certain other solutions available to you only if you are current on your mortgage payments. Hence the importance of enlisting this service as early on as possible. You need help to keep all your options open as long as possible.
  5. Are you are recovering from a crisis?
    Were you recently between jobs, or are you recovering from an illness that caused you to fall behind on your mortgage payments? Do you believe you could keep up with your mortgage payments and other bills from now on? Your lender may be willing to work out agreeable terms to keep you in your home.
  6. Are you retired, on a fixed income?
    Were you turned down recently for a reverse mortgage? Were you told that you don’t have enough equity? It may be possible to overcome these hurdles and qualify for a reverse mortgage after all!
  7. Has your refinance been denied?
    No matter the reason, it may be possible to work something out with the lender on the current loan so that the terms become tolerable and there is no longer the pressing need to refinance. New government loan program requirements may deem you eligible for refinance once again. Your negotiator should be able to point you to the right mortgage broker with expertise in this area.

Request For Free Consultation.

or you call us toll free

877 604 6636 Ext 601

Please Reference Service ID


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