I’ve worked with thousands of clients who have completely changed their lives by simply adjusting the way they approach their goal setting with massive action.

Consistently taking action to complete your most important tasks is crucial to making progress and getting closer to where you want to be in life.

It sounds simple enough, but this is where most people struggle. They start off strong but end up losing focus and become inconsistent.

So how do you make sure that you’re consistently taking massive action and making progress?

The answer…

Through accountability and sharing your goals selectively.

Bringing us to the next step in making 2018 your breakthrough year.

How You Can Guarantee That You Consistently Make Progress & Never Get Stuck

This is one of the most important things you MUST do in order to achieve your goals and have ultimate success this year.

When we are being held accountable by another person, we’re more likely to follow-through. You may have seen this before in your own life, whether it be on a work project, with your family, a personal trainer, private lessons (and so on.)

Life is crazy and can get in the way of our bigger aspirations all the time. We can’t even begin to predict all of the things that could throw us off course. This is why working with someone who can hold you accountable for your actions and goals can keep you sticking to the task at end, no matter what life throw at you.

When you are left on our own, trying to do everything by yourself, it is easy to make excuses and skip out on the daily rituals that are leading to your success.

If we tell ourselves “NO” once, it becomes easier and easier to say “NO” again…

Without even realizing it, we end up rewiring our brains to procrastinate and make excuses. We lose focus, lack concentration, get distracted and lose sight of what’s truly important…

Creating an endless negative spiral that leaves us trapped and stuck.

Accountability prevents that negative spiral from getting out of control. This even goes beyond just counting on one person. The most success I’ve seen, is when someone has a community of shared goals that can help motivate each other.

This is prominent in group workouts, group therapy, social, political, and religious groups, sports teams, and more. It has been a proven method for success for generations, which is why finding a group that shares a mindset in achieving goals and success is ultimately important.

Even disciplined people like myself use this method to get ahead in life. It’s one of the reasons I founded Asian Efficiency to begin with. I wanted to have a team that was as passionate about productivity and self-improvement as I was.

Bottom Line: Don’t Go At It Alone.

Find someone you trust that will help keep you accountable.

No, you don’t have to have your own team to work on your projects. You don’t even need to find someone who wants the exact same goals that you want. The important thing is that you find mentorship, relationships, and a community that will help you succeed based on their own motivations and experience.

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