3 ways to stop spinning your wheels

“Busy but not accomplishing much”

That’s how I used to feel. Not making real progress. Not reaching my goals. I was ambitious but struggling… it was painful.

I drastically improved my performance using 3 *principles* and I’ll teach them to you.

Following these principles allowed me to:
* Get more done in 5 hours than what I used to in 5 days
* Double my number of clients and income
* Work 25 hours/week and enjoy my time traveling, working out, reading and being with friends and family

So here are the principles.

Lack of clarity is one of the biggest productivity killers.

For example, if your todo-list says something vague like “get customers” – you’re in trouble. What exactly are you going to do about it right now, what ACTIONS will you take?

When things aren’t clear we do them wrong or we don’t do them at all.

In order to take action, your tasks must be so clear and specific that you have no questions about them. Then nothing is holding you from doing them.

I used to waste time on my logo, company name, business page, etc…. but those things aren’t the most important.

Generating income is. And therefore you need two things: 1) customers with pain and monies, and 2) an offer that solves that pain and is worth those monies.

So I started to focus on getting more customers. Now focus means this: if a task doesn’t contribute DIRECTLY to a focus point, I don’t do it.

If you think a logo (really?) will get you those customers fastest, think again.

Focus on what’s really important. With your business and also in your personal life.


Your best performance and most joy comes from using your strengths, so that’s what you should spend your time on.

But your weaknesses can hold you back from using your strengths.

For example, eliminating clarity and focusing don’t come naturally to me. I had a hard time with them so didn’t do them properly. That kept me stuck and prevented me from using my strengths, reaching my goals and living the life I wanted.

That’s why I used to struggle so much. Until I took control over my weaknesses: I put a system in place that guarantees that I focus on the important things, have clear goals and tasks and get them done. This system compensates for my weaknesses so that they don’t hold me back, and I can actually reach my goals.

Find the weaknesses that hold you back and compensate for them.

I might post more on this, but only if it’s valuable to you.

So let me know what you think about this!

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