10 things to GIVE up

10 things to GIVE up, if you want to GAIN success

Give Up A Short Term Mindset:
If you’re hoping and expecting for instant results, that will create wealth in the short term, you may be disappointed. Buckle down for the long haul – long term vision and long term goals.

Give Up on Playing Small:
You’re in it to win it. No more dabbling or dipping your toe in the water – it’s time to go all in!

Give Up on Excuses:
Nothing beneficial comes from excuses — they hold you back massively.

Give Up on Overnight Success:
Remember, their “overnight success” didn’t come without hard work, failure, consistency, and struggle. To you, it may seem overnight. To them, it was 10 years in the making.

Give Up on Perfectionism:
Perfectionism only leads to discouragement. Forget “practice makes perfect” and focus on practice makes better… and then work everyday to be better than yesterday. If you grow 1% everyday that is 365% growth in a year!

Give Up the Control:
You can’t control others, you can only control yourself. Letting go of the need to control will set you free. Release the “how” and trust that if you are in consistent activity, it will happen!

Give Up Saying Yes to the Wrong Things:
Have a one track mind. Create a goal and a vision and take daily action to support your goals. That means saying ‘No’ to that which does not support your goals.

Give Up Toxic People
You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with. Are you surrounding yourself with people who have what you desire? Are they going where you want to go? Would you switch lives and bank accounts with them?

Give Up the Need to be Liked
This will be your demise. It will hold you back from true success and being who you were created to be — Some will like you…Some won’t like you at all —that is normal.
Rest in the fact that the right people will like you. You don’t want everyone, you want the right one.

Hope you found value from these 10 tips to success

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